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With over 100 body wash products, every person has their favorite brand. However, many are chemically based and are destroying your skin. Creating your own body wash will allow creativity,  naturally made ingredients, and fragrance of personal choice. In order to create a body wash, you will only need four simple ingredients.

  1. Pure Castille Soap (or any liquid soap base)
  2. Raw Honey
  3. Coconut Oil (or any natural oil)
  4. Essential Oils

Pure Castille Soap is a non fragrant organic soap base. It’s slightly expensive, $10-$20, but  it complements your skin and blend well with oils. Raw honey is used as a moisturizer, keeping skin from becoming too dry. After taking aa shower, the skin becomes dry. However, honey helps prevent itchy skin. Likewise, coconut oil helps moisturize skin. Essential oils are the smallest yet most important ingredient. Depending on ones personal choice, essential oils can be chosen for fragrance, healing, moisturizer, etc.

If preferred, homemade soap bars have similar results. From personal use I have found soap bars to dry out skin, so it is suggested to apply a moisturizer after taking a shower. Ingredients for soap bars include many natural oils, essential oils, lye, distilled water, and occasionally milk and honey.

As a result, homemade body wash compliments the skin because it’s ingredients are refreshing and natural.


One thought on “washes

  1. Wow! yes I totally agree with you! I absolutely love anything and everything natural and understand what a difference it can make on your body. I will try this recipe soon. I was actually instructed by my doctor recently to stay away from coconut oil, (which for me is hard because I use it in everything!) due to the complications in this pregnancy. As soon as i can touch it again i will try it and let you know how it turned out!


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