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If you already have beautiful skin and do not suffer from depression, don’t worry, there are many more uses for essential oils. Being as college studied I may be biased when saying “everyone stresses.” However, I do believe not only stress but anxiety easily take over our lives. As said in my previous blog, essential oils are perfect for upliftings. In addition, nothing eases my stress better than a bath with calming oils.

Anxiety: Depending on the cause of tension or anxiety a person might have is vital to the process of making home herbal treatment. Here are some oils that work best in healing anxiety.

  • Chamomile & Passionflower– Tea/supplement; Ease mind, calm nerves; sedating quality; sleeping
  • Kava– Tea for those with worried mind; sedative; treat social anxiety
  • Skullcap– Tea or tincture; Calm those with muscle tension; helps unwind
Coffee vs. Tea? Coffee has caffeine which helps someone wake up in the morning. Tea also has caffeine but also has healthy supplements to heal the body and mind.

Stress: Herbal teas for stress related problems should contain restorative herbs and herbs that work well with heart-related disorders and stress-related problems. For example, here are some

  • Rose and Rosewood– Work best to relieve stress; allows flow to heart nerves
  • Frankincense– Relaxing oil for stress related problems
  • Lemon Lavender– A mix of both will help refresh and build strength

* Use oils anyway that helps you best relieve stress. For example, using a diffuser, taking a bath, or drinking a tea.


3 thoughts on “stress stress stress

  1. I’m a huge coffee drinker in the morning, but I’ve put some of your suggestions on my Cozi shopping list! Thank you, Ms. Teel


  2. I drink coffee down to the point if it gets cold on me…well I drink it anyways. One because I like coffee and I don’t sleep well. So reading your blog has me curious to try “Tea” for a change. Now that would be something to try to compare. Good read, nice blog haleyshay7.


  3. I really enjoy reading your blogs about essential oils. I did not know there were so many benefits that can come essential oils. I like that you said you can use them in different ways to offer different health benefits. I have used them in my bath before, but I have not tried them in a diffuser or put them in tea. I could really use some relaxation help right about now so I may need to try some.


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