Mental Health

stress stress stress

If you already have beautiful skin and do not suffer from depression, don’t worry, there are many more uses for essential oils. Being as college studied I may be biased when saying “everyone stresses.” However, I do believe not only stress but anxiety easily take over our lives. As said in my previous blog, essential oils are perfect for upliftings. In addition, nothing eases my stress better than a bath with calming oils.

Anxiety: Depending on the cause of tension or anxiety a person might have is vital to the process of making home herbal treatment. Here are some oils that work best in healing anxiety.

  • Chamomile & Passionflower– Tea/supplement; Ease mind, calm nerves; sedating quality; sleeping
  • Kava– Tea for those with worried mind; sedative; treat social anxiety
  • Skullcap– Tea or tincture; Calm those with muscle tension; helps unwind
Coffee vs. Tea? Coffee has caffeine which helps someone wake up in the morning. Tea also has caffeine but also has healthy supplements to heal the body and mind.

Stress: Herbal teas for stress related problems should contain restorative herbs and herbs that work well with heart-related disorders and stress-related problems. For example, here are some

  • Rose and Rosewood– Work best to relieve stress; allows flow to heart nerves
  • Frankincense– Relaxing oil for stress related problems
  • Lemon Lavender– A mix of both will help refresh and build strength

* Use oils anyway that helps you best relieve stress. For example, using a diffuser, taking a bath, or drinking a tea.

Mental Health

don’t be depressed, get lemon zest

Okay, maybe not lemon zest, but get some lemons! Depression is one of the most common mental disorders and is not easy treat. The typical treatment is by pill, however those with depression either refuse to take the medicine or they overdose. I have also heard the opinion, “I do not want my happiness to come from a bottle.” The good news is there are other ways to treat depression without taking a high dollar pill every morning. Essential oils work great to uplift moods because they are relaxing and compliment the body. I am no expert at using essential oils for depression, but am aware of what oils are best to use and how to use the oils.

There are many different ways to intake oils for depression. The most common is in the bath. Baths are great for any mental illness because they give the brain a chance to relax. It does not take very many drops, only 5-6, of chosen oil. In addition, you can always add in a bubble bath, bath bomb, or bath salts (recommend using same scents or scents that compliment each other). Another way is through an aromatherapy massage. This one will obviously require a professional masseuse. Lastly you can use oils in a diffuser or 1-2 drops next to your pillow when you sleep at night.

Which oils to use? Depending on the level of depression suggest which oil to use. Lemongrass and bergamot work best to uplift moods, while Lavender and Ylang Ylang work as soothing oils. Trial and error is best suggested when choosing an essential oil because everyone reacts differently. Also, before using always research the oil (because they are not cheap).

Don’t be depressed, get lemon zest (or grass but it’s whatever).