the intro

The world today is not considered to be “clean.” Diseases are spread and bad genetics are passed down. Personally, I suffer from face and back acne caused by stress and anxiety.  Luckily, the Earth naturally provides essentials to help cure irregular body functions and moods. Extracted from plants, essential oils can strengthen our beauty care, mental health, and physical health. Most of our regular beauty care products, medication, treatments, etc. are chemically based and contain toxins that damage the body. However, products containing essential oils kill off unwanted micro-organisms.  Therefore, naturally based products are more welcoming to our bodies.

In each of my blogs I will expand on how essential oils directly treat our beauty care, mental and physical health.


it’s essential

My name is Haley Holman and I am starting this blog for my technology solutions and personal productivity course. On this blog I will be exploring and discussing the uses of essential oils. I have chosen this topic because I believe in the power of essential oils and am inspired to learn more about them. Essential oils are mostly used as fragrances, however they also serve a high purpose in the health world. Each oil is extracted from a plant and serves its own unique purpose. I hope to write about studies and research on essential oils and findings through personal use.